I think one thing most of us have lost and one thing that is the hardest to continually sustain is the sense of wonder. Like as a child. To be excited, fascinated and standing in awe once in a while. To be surprised and to be curious again! I think it is one of the hardest thing to do. I think to retrieve the sense of wonder, we need to start appreciating this world and the people around us. We need to realise that it is SPECIAL and we have to start being grateful. Someone wise once said, Without gratitude, there is is no wonder. I think that’s so true. 

I remember once, I was in my chemistry classroom and we were creating some sort of precipitate in organic chem experiment. When I finally distilled and collected the precipitate, I exclaimed out loud to my class, “LOOK AT MY PRECIPITATE!” hahahahaha I don’t know why but the whole class got excited over the purest, sharpest white precipitate I had ever seen. My teacher made the comment that this was the first time that a class got excited over something as simple as a precipitate and she tutted and left us to be mesmerised by the precipitate. Thinking back, it was probably the funniest experiment experience I had. (It wasn’t that long ago, it was just last year.) The important thing is that the sense of wonder and amazement we had was so special and I want to continually being surprised and appreciating the world around me. It is so beautiful and so tremendous. 

But it is so hard to be continually appreciative of the world. We always take things for granted sooner or later. It normally takes a big thing for us to jerk back in the sense of wonderment. So I’m going to post a photo and hope it can will help you get back the sense of wonder 🙂 

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