Routines + Changing

I don’t know what it is about us humans but we are such habitual creatures. We love and thrive on routine. Every day at work, on monday meetings I sit on the same side of the room, I hardly ever change the seating arrangement. Today it really hit me when I went into the toilet and I realised I always went to the same toilet stall. Every single time. It was crazy. I think if there was someone in the stall, I would just wait for it to be available. 

Perhaps we thrive on routine because its safe, it gives us a sense of security that we can actually control something in the world. Like the choices we make are really ours and ours alone. It makes us feel powerful as opposed to the almighty earth. 

But yet, we are such changeable creatures. We love change. After a while, we feel the need to make a radical change. I don’t know about you but every so often I feel like doing something crazy with my hair. Like dye it or highlight it or chop it all off (I have done them all). Or I look at facebook and I feel like changing my profile picture because it feels old and used. I need change to keep my life more interesting and keep it from being monotonous or (gasp!) boring! It’s kinda like the ‘Seven Year Itch’ but more like that ‘Seven Month Itch’ where you feel like doing something drastic to yourself to keep things interesting. I don’t know I always feel like its a pattern for me. 

Huh. Maybe my change even becomes routine. Which is a more powerful urge? 

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