Valentine’s Day

Since today is Valentine’s Day, I might as well post something about my feelings of the holiday. Also because I have discovered “Love is Easy” by McFly, yes, I know I am slow but it’s now my song and I’ve been listening to it on repeat the whole day. hahaha

I have had many different feelings and thoughts about this holiday. They are always changing and developing. Like for example as a kid/teenager growing up, I always perceived it as this holiday I could only celebrate with a boyfriend or whatever. Then there is always the cynical part of my life where you scorn valentine’s day for its commerciality and this sort of cultivated love that society celebrates and values. It’s true that Valentine’s day is just a time for florists and Hallmark to make money. (Most holidays have been commercialised till the point of death). I used to think, ‘Why only one day? Why must we set aside one day to just celebrate love?’ Love should be celebrated everyday! Everyday should be Valentine’s Day! It should not come to the point where we have to SET APART a day to remind ourselves to appreciate the people around us. (This is the same for Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day etc.) But I’ve sort of mellowed out and for this Valentine’s Day, I believe that Valentine’s Day is for all kinds of love. This year, my annual date is stolen by my dad. (Yes, my date has always been my mum hahaha) And this year, I am choosing to celebrate Valentine’s Day, loving my mum and dad because Love is for everyone, not just that special guy or girl. In this tv show (Make It or Break It, hahah Don’t judge), it said that ‘Love is life and no one should go through life without experiencing love’. So today, grab life by its balls and go out with someone, ANYONE you care about and love. Valentine’s day is for everyone! Not just for the attached 🙂 


Happy Valentine’s Day (Also, Million Dollar Question: Valentine’s or Valentines’?)

P.S. Even though this song is amazingly catchy, Love is never easy, it shouldn’t be. It’s only valuable if you fight and work for it. 

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