Life is fragile and death is final

Recently, there was a death in my social sphere. It was very sudden and tragic but death makes you think about so many things. It makes you think about life and everything you do now. Someone said at the wake, life is fragile and someone else told me, death is final. Both are true in their own ways. Life is fragile and we have to live our lives to the fullest so that we have no regrets. I think that’s one thing that can break a person, regrets. It will tear you apart, eat from the inside and never let go. So I am going to get rid of all my regrets today, to tell myself to do better next time or change it now if you can. I see people coming to this wake, and they were all touched by the beauty of this person and their life. I like to believe my life has a purpose and every thing I do will impact someone in some way. I don’t know if it is the optimist in me but I feel things happen for a reason. I’m hopeful that I will be positively impacted by others (even if it’s negatively impacted, it will always be an experience to shape the way I live my life). 

Recently, I keep on trying to imagine my friends’ wakes. Now, I am not being morbid or anything like that but I started thinking about my own funeral and how I would like to be laid to rest. Comparing burials and cremations, I think visiting a tombstone seems more meaningful than visiting a niche but yet, cremations are more final such that it doesn’t sort of ‘waste space’. But you know there are unique ways and things you could do to your body, like make a diamond or stuff. That would be cool I guess, but who to give it to? But anyway, I haven’t really decided but it got me thinking about how everyone around me is bound to die, either before or after me. I don’t think about it in a sad way but more that it is inevitable. Death is inevitable and it is the only stable constant in our lives. It does, of course, make me sad but it also teaches me to cherish them more and not turn people away because they are weird or whatever. But to embrace everyone into my life. 🙂

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