Butterflies and crying.

There are some feelings in this world that aren’t like anything else, like the feeling of butterflies when you talk to a boy you have a crush on, or the relief after a good cry where your whole body contributes in the excretion of tears. We go about our lives routinely and monotonously. Our lives become so repetitive that change of emotions or intense physical emotions are rarely seen or experienced. I’m not saying I want to cry all the time but we all need a good cry now and then to just get it all out you know? Also recently, I had a good cry at this wake and I never realised how much one hand could comfort me. My friend put his arm on my shoulder and I don’t know why I felt so warm and so much better. The act of a physical touch was enough to make me feel better, it was crazy. I never could appreciate someone’s physical touch because when I cry, I tend to do it alone. I never want anyone to see me or see me weak. But, wow! I think we all crave some warmth in our lives. As much as some people want to be isolated. We all crave some sort of physical or emotional connection with someone (Maybe not Meursault, but then again, he is a fictitious character). It also dawned on me that we all just want someone to understand us. Or maybe I just feel that way sometimes. haha Anyway, on to happier things!, the reason why I wrote this post was because today I had those first butterflies! I missed them so, they might make me feel squishy and weak but oh man, after so many years of just feeling nothing, this was good! Butterflies are only butterflies, I have to see where this leads! hahaha 

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