Road trip!

Last week, I went with 3 friends to the lovely state of Melaka (or known as Malacca) in Malaysia. It was like a all girls road trip, and it was great fun! We went out shopping, eat fantastic Melakan food, went drinking etc. It was a crazy 4 days. Most nights we slept at 4-5am and woke up in noon like 12pm. But it was so nice just to take a trip, relax, be with friends. I feel like I haven’t done that in a long time, especially just graduating, we didn’t spend as much time together anymore. (Also, sidenote, did you know your trackpad cannot detect your finger if it’s in a plaster/band-aid?? weird….)

I really think travelling with someone will show you so much that person. Be it their hygiene , or sense of style or routines. It can strengthen relationship or expose them. I know this family that intentionally brings the significant others into their family trips. It’s not so much as a test than a observation of sorts? I mean, it’s a bit more organic and less clinical of an observation. But it is interesting to think about and to consider as an option as a substitute for a ring of fire. That’s all the intelligent thoughts I have for today! 🙂 

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