to change or not to change.


Recently, I had a conversation with a new friend and I shared abit about my life and about some things that have really impacted me in my lifetime (short it may be). It is a very sad but moving story about someone I lost a long time ago. However, this person reacted differently from everyone I had told the story to, very negatively. It shocked me that someone could take away such a conclusion to my story. And we always have this point in our lives when someone challenges are way of thinking, our perspective and we have to decide if it’s something you want to look into or consider or it’s something that is absurd that you will never think about. This will then affect your new found relationship with this person. I want to be open minded but I ask myself, does this person understand me? shouldn’t I try to get this person to understand me? It’s very difficult to see if I should really invest in this budding friendship because it will take a long time and I’ve never had to really work this hard for a relationship. But maybe it can be fulfilling in the future? I don’t know. I mean, looking at my parents, they are as different as can be. One is neat one is messy, one loves to plan and being to places early and another loves spontaneity and being right on time or late… But they somehow have been together for 30 years. It’s so difficult. It really is. 

In other news, I finally developed one of my graphic cameras and will put some photos up here! 🙂 

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