My weekend.

I don’t normally talk about my life or my day because it seems really dumb and also not very private. But! I had an amazing spill over weekend since my parents are gone! By spill over weekend, I mean, the days surrounding the weekend including the weekend itself (e.g. friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and sometimes tuesday). That is a spillover weekend.

Let’s go day by day:


I went back to my school for the third time this year. I went to go watch HIGHLIGHT: photography exhibition. It showcased some of the photos of my friends, Milon, Kejia, Shawna and other amazing artists. It was great to see some old friends and teachers, catching up etc. After that, I had dinner with my Theatre teacher, Mr. Sean Tobin, Nicholas, Amrit, Kelly, Shawna, JJ. It was great seeing them and hanging out at Baja Fresh, this terrible fast food mexican place. (okay, it’s not terrible but it’s not good either).


That’s Nickatee and Sean Tobin with the weirdest looking bracelet ever.

Afterwards, I watched Iron Man 3, which I really liked because it showed a version of the Iron Man, unseen before. The mechanic genius that is Tony Stark. That night, my friends and I went out to Clarke Quay to have a nice farewell fun for Milon who is going into the army today! We tried to get into Avalon and Attica on some random guestlist. In the end, we went to Rebel which was meh, music was okay.




After we went to go get some much need air (they always oversmoke!!), we decided to walk around and try our hands at rupee room, china one etc. But we are all broke and sad (hahahaha) so we went to my godbrother’s house, Suraj. We just hung out and drank whiskey and played drinking games and of course, dance! At about 4.30 am, Suraj decided to give us this amazing adventure to commemorate the amazing night we had.  So first he took us into the Mandai Forest which was pretty cool. And Amrit, Milon and I got pushed into the bushes which was stupid but hilarious at the exact same time. (As most things are.)




After the trek into the jungle, we walked from Suraj’s house all the way to Kranji War Memorial. It was a fun walk, a scary walk as well. But Kranji War Memorial is so serene and peaceful, it’s a sight to behold. It was here where milon proved himself to be a man as he did not wuss out of his dare. (I shan’t say what dare he made because frankly, we could be jailed for shit like that so…. mystery it shall be!)




After that, we all made our respective ways home. I got home and immediately fell asleep because….. because it was 6am! hahaha anyway, so that was the epic night of Friday.


Saturday, after sleeping at 6am, I had to wake up by 11am to meet my old chinese class for a get together. I was in the worst chinese class on account of that I suck, we only have 4 people in our class taught by the head of department because we all just sucked so bad. hahaha we decided to call ourselves the 面包班 (Bread class). So we went out to have some chinese dumplings and noodles at Neil Road. After we had chinese tea in one of my favourite tea places in Singapore. It’s real legit tea making ceremony houses. It was fun to catch up with Kong Lao Shi, Mabel and Milon.

At night, my sister and I went crazy and bought paint supplies. We painted for about an hour on the floor of our living room. It was strangely therapeutic and fun! It made me miss making art again.


As you can see, we ain’t no Picasso. We are terrible hahaha I tried going for realistic pieces and gave up. So therefore the absurdism there.


I slept till 2pm which felt amazing! Then I stayed home and snacked and watch videos and just lazed around. At night, my sister and I cooked some food. I made potatoes with corned beef because I love corned beef and I recently discovered you could find it in Singapore! Meixi made some darn good hummus and guacamole. All in all, a good day to be in. At night, we decided to try our hand belly dancing. HAHAHA wow, that was stupid. We watch some beginner arabic belly dancing video on youtube and learnt some moves! It was pretty bad but fun! It’s turning out to be an arty spillover weekend with the big sis with the parents gone 🙂


Last night, my sis and I were home so we cooked again. We made baked tomato and lime fish with cheese and more potatoes for me.



We also made some quinoa which we never ate cause we made a lot of food hahaha We also cut mangoes that we used to make mango slushies/smoothies with citron vodka.



It was gooooooooood.. and It was the beginning of a good night.

So thus begins and ends our domestic-goddesses-fruity-arty-farty-sibling spillover weekend.

(Tonight we might do some more stupid stuff, starting with our first ever Zumba class! which I torrented – more update on that tomorrow!)

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