Missing things

Yesterday I was given an opportunity to do some event photography for The Young Musicians Foundation Orchestra and it made me realise that I miss two things, Photography and Classical music. I miss taking photos for events, moving around, getting hit by immediate inspiration. It’s been a long time, and I only just really really miss it. Trying to take photos randomly is probably not for me, I like having an assignment, I like doing events. Maybe I finally figured out my sort of specialisation? I took this one photo from the back of 4 double bassists with the lights hanging over and it was a pretty cool shot. I had to lie down in a middle of a piece which was fun hahaha I also dragged a chair around with me to get some height. 

Another thing I really missed was classical music, the way it brings you on a journey, the way that so many different parts come together to create music, the way that it moves you to a different place and time. And it was only their sound check! I miss it. I really do. I need to find out what to do with it now. 

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