World’s laziest worker right here, please let me know when I need to collect my prize so that I can prepare myself for when you carry me up there.

Hello! So at another lazy day in the office (It’s friday) and with my mum at high tea without me…., I’m stuck on my computer doing something less productive. Like writing down some stuff I have found hilarious with my friend, Amrit (#SHOUT4YOU -> she asked me to do that.) and sometimes with my other good friend, kelly. These girls are the bomb and they are the most fun ever. Here are some stupid things I say out loud to them, them to me, text them, tweet them or words we sometimes create. I hope you will find some humour and/or start using these new words.

New words/Phrases:

1) Awkwie – e.g. “I am an awkwie”. Definition: person in awkward situations

2) Terrid – e.g. “You are terrid, I am terrid”. Definition: terridable

3) Tweet it* – Definition: *Read this out loud for definition. (Also can be said in a Russian accent as Tveet et) Most of the times you must add a hashtag


4) Swaggyolo – Definition: badass-ery combined with stupidity with a topping of danger = swaggyolo. (Also can be used as a phrase: “Hangloose swaggyolo bro!”

5) Gorls – Definition: Girls. (Used in conjunction with your name as the vowels are replaced my the vowel ‘O’ predominantly. e.g. Moi or Amrot or Kolly)

6) Nice one lah – Definition: Used as an exclamation when things are well done. (Stolen from Suraj and my brother)

7) HOO MAH GAWD – Definition: An exclamation of disbelief. (Stolen from Man & the snake pit comment video)

Things I say/They’ve said/People have said to us:

1) “Eh, baby gurl” – Someone said this to us while selling ‘home grown porn’ as it said on his DVD collection at the Thieves Market in Singapore

2) “We’re gonna be so awkward, I’m just gonna be like, ‘Hello can you please pass the toothpaste?'”

3) “I’m singlehandedly setting back the feminist movement since 1994” Image

4) “My choice would be you, then kelly, then being alone and then her.”

5) “You’re so stupid. It’s sad.”


6) “If I’m domesticated, doest this mean I don’t have to go to work tomorrow?”

7) “I cooked like how a traditional chinese girl cooks for her family”

8) “They could be tracking me at work”

9) “There are CALORIES IN ALCOHOL??” Image

10) “You’re the voice of our generation”

11) “and I was like ‘cool. cool.'”

12) “If lesbians were a fruit….They’d be a passionfruit”

13) “Interception and Finale Destination 6” – Movies misnamed.

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at PM 02.21.19

14) “I wanna learn how to say, ‘damn boy, you got a fine ass.’ in french”

15) “My vampire superpower would most definitely be like, predicting pregnancies and stuff.”


16) “Wow my subconscious is a strange place”

17) “How did you piss off a granny?” “I mean tranny”– Autocorrect at it again


18) “This is Thailand and people die there.”

19) “Why is she preggers? Sex. Most probably.” Image

18) “You can’t do it!” “*CAN!”


These were all taken and documented by various social media as seen above. Hope you liked it!

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