Some things I needed to hear at some point in my life.

Life is good and everything happens for a reason. Follow your heart, don’t give up. Don’t forget about the people you are affecting. Be ready for anything. Make everything you do the last thing you do. What is your legacy? Everything had to align for you to be born. Everything you do has a purpose. Don’t ever forget about the people who matter the most. Be grateful. Look for the beauty. But open your eyes to the world. Don’t be afraid. Be nervous, it keeps you on your toes. Don’t toe the line, be radical. Explore. Don’t be afraid to speak out loud, but always listen. Listen actively. Listen with your heart. Write with the passion of your heart (从心来写)Love, laugh, smile. Look inside of yourself. Contemplate, reflect, be self aware. You don’t know everything. There is always someone better than you at something. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Make sure to thank your feet today. Make sure to thank you body for making it through the day. Thank you. Most of the time, it’s not because of you. Keep calm and celebrate life. Be friends with dinosaurs. Carry things, don’t use so many plastics bags. Listen to your heart and your head. Take your time. You’re beautiful. I love you. Good job on cleaning your room. Please grant me the strength to hold and to let go. Please help me with this. Dance. Don’t be afraid to admit you’re wrong. Say sorry.

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