What’s the difference between flashbacks & memories & throwbacks?

No idea actually.

I went to a funeral recently, (I seem to blog a lot about death…) and I learnt from my mum about her childhood and family history. It made me nostalgic about the past. I sat there reminiscing of my childhood.

Childhood memory 1:

I used to play all the time with my cousin, Xing ping. She was a year older but when I went over to her house, we used to run to her room, take those old mattresses and make houses. If the mattress had one fold, you had the triangle house. If it had two folds, you could make a square house. In our little huts, we also had decorations and blankets. We would create a little village (the two of us reside there, obviously) and we would turn off the lights and go to sleep. Then I always gave the cue, cockadoodledoo!, and we would turn on the lights and wake up! Then we would do whatever people did in the day, water their imaginary garden, go shopping, talk, gossip about pretend people. After a long day (e.g. 10 mins), we would head back to sleep in our little mattress huts. Then, the whole process would start over. This went on for hours and hours. We never got bored. How amazing is that?! The imagination of a kid.


Childhood memory 2:

I was eating at a food court this week for lunch and I saw those teppanyaki stalls. I asked my mother and my godbrother if they would like to join me but they all ditched me. So I happily sat there and ate my black pepper beef with beansprouts. And oh man, I remembered a long time ago when my brother and I ran to the teppanyaki in Great World City. We would always eat there together while my family ate at the food court. It was one of the best memories I have of my brother, sitting at that stool and watching this man cook beef right in front of our eyes. I loved it so much.


All this made me think about how grateful I am to be born just in the right time. Being born in the early nineties means that I knew a life before wifi, before internet, before thumbdrives, before smartphones, before facebook, and egad! friendster. A life before youtube, before torrent, before google, and before whatsapp/skype. I still remember the time of desktop computers, dial ups, floppy disks, of climbing trees, of hopscotch, where the coolest thing was a ruler that could contract into a bracelet or a spring for your wallet. A time of book reading, libraries, gumball machines and one dollar toys. How blessed am I!



An Afterthought: why do all old people smell like moth balls? just a thought.

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