Things anika says,

Anika is my 4 year old godsister, and recently started talking much more. She reads to me and we have the best conversations. She is a real child, just enjoying her life and doing silly stuff. I got her these Hello Kitty stickers (which cost like $7!! are the days of $2 stickers gone?) and she started pasting them in the drawing book I made for her. All of the sudden she looked at me and said, “I’m gonna paste them upside down! hahahahaa UPSIDE DOWN!” And then proceeded to paste all the Hello Kitties upside down as if it was the most amusing thing in the world. Image

Sooner, her mum, Lisa, came by and heard the ruckus. 

Lisa: Anika, are you being silly?                                                                                                       Anika: Noooo.                                                                                                                                       Me: Maybe?                                                                                                                                  Anika: Maybe not.

 How do you compete with such logic? 


Another crazy thing she said yesterday was: 

Anika: My best friend is Sammy, He is a boy.                                                                             Meizhi: Ohhh, is he cuteeee?                                                                                                         Anika: (incredulous) Nooooo! He isn’t a baby!

How can you fault her? She is so utterly innocent. Now, when people say that their 3 year old toddler has a girlfriend, I’m like really? It probably has a different definition for the kids but we adults, think we are so ha ha funny. Sigh. We could learn from the kids a thing or too. 


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