My mum is cool

Today, I learnt that my mum used to be a bank teller, like those cool ones you see in catch me if you can or those olden day shows! I mean, how cool is that??! She and her best friend, Helen were Teller 18 and 13 respectively. I think that’s pretty adorable. 


My mum: Your godma (Helen) and I were the fastest tellers in Bank of America
Me: Ahh, but who was faster?
My mum: Me. 

hahahaha, According to her, Godma Helen was too dedicated to neatness and making sure staplers were aligned the the paper to be faster than her. My godma confirms this as well. My mum says she learn neatness from my godma (which is slightly frightening in my opinion). They also used to have a colleague named Penny, now penny was pregnant and looking for baby names. So what they did was, whoever was in the tourist lane on that day, they would write down names of passports on a separate piece of paper to pass to Penny every day (piece of paper to pass to Penny, say that 5 times fast haha). 

I can just imagine how life was like back then, so easy and carefree, so unsure of their future. Were they imagining their lives when they grew up? What did they want to be? It’s funny to think how their lives turned out and how their lives were interlinked with each other all the way. Did godma think making friends with my mum would bring her closer to meeting her now husband? Or that she would make a career switch with the community my mum was a part of? Or that she would change my mum’s cleaning habits for better (I say, worse but that’s because she is my mother and she makes me clean my room)? Funny how life works out that way. It’s like how I like to dream of my future or put my hopes in a 8-ball, or ask the ipod about my future, or ask my parents what they think of my future. But really, there is no way to tell. There is no certainty, none at all. And that’s pretty scary, to me. But also exciting to see how it all turns out. It’s like you’re reading a book that is interesting and you want to know the end but you can’t just skip to the end because that’s not reading a book, you have to go through the journey to understand the ending. (And then you die but that’s not the point). 

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