Family matters

Sitting in my room, I heard loud shouts coming from my neighbour. They were shouting in Hokkien, shouting vulgarities and basically screaming at each other. It was pretty ugly, the father and daughter were arguing and the wife/mother was trying to keep the peace or whatever was left of it. And this isn’t the first time I have heard a fight in the block. Below my unit, I heard two woman screaming at each other and I saw an arm and a leg coming out from over the railing. It frightening to see it, someone almost dying. Whenver, I hear the scream and shouts, I’m terrified. I sit in my house, timid and afraid because I am so helpless. I don’t know what to do to help. This whole thing depresses me and forces me to look at familial relationships these days. I’m not saying that fighting is bad or that we should stop fighting. I know that conflict is neutral and we can change fighting to be something positive for the relationship but it hit me today, that we don’t know how to fight well. We get hurt and we say anything and do anything to dish out the same hurt we feel inside. We attack where we know it will hurt because we can. We are emotionally so unhealthy and this hurts our relationship with others. And it just will perpetuate and continue and I don’t think there is anyway to really stop it unless there is a drastic epiphany that we cannot live our lives this way anymore. I just kept on thinking to myself, how can I help them? how can I do something for these families today? I really feel like I should do something. It really saddens me to see families just fall apart or get more and more toxic as the days go by. People need to see that there is a need for emotionally healthy and mature beings and a good relationship with their families 


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