How to introduce oneself? I don’t really know, it seems like an impossible task. I think I should let my writing introduce myself and my personality to you. But Basics! My name is Ng Meizhi and I started this blog to just pen down some thoughts because I truly believe that a thought is never fully formed until it’s spoken or written so I want to use this blog to write down some thoughts I have in the day and just develop these ideas. I’m sure over time, they will change or I will discover something new but for now, I like to live in the present and write the first thought that my head. Which is…I need a new blog title. hahaha

Also, I go off tangent alot so I apologise in advance and I disclaim anything that I write, they are basically thoughts I’m developing or opinions I heard that I thought were interesting. In no way am I declaring my way the truth or forcing others to believe the same. Also, I rarely edit cause I don’t reread posts so I also apologise for spelling and grammar errors. (I know sooner or later I will have one)

Anyway, Thank you for stopping by and I hope this can be a place for ideas to be shared and discussed! Thank you 🙂

🙂. (This is only here because I don’t know how to go to my dashboard from my home page)


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