Moving to a new country is always hard, I think the one thing that makes it the hardest is the lack of community. Without a community and companionship you are reduced to nights alone and no support system. My biggest struggle in college was this.  Without my strong support system in Singapore with my family […]


I want to write today about transitions, my dad told me before I left that, between the end of something and the beginning of something, there is a transition period. This period is like a river, you are in the river with no time limit and you can either sail to the other side smoothly, […]

Growing up

After 6 months of leaving school, I first realised that all my friends are changing. After realising that, I realised I was changing too. Maybe changing isn’t the right word, it was more like growing up. First, I saw more friends more liberal, more segregated from before where the institutionalisation of school forced everyone to […]